The Beginning: Love

You have heard it so often. Almost every “self-help” and “how-to” book tells you that the secret to whatever they are helping you to do is love. There are usually some glowing paragraphs that end with the wisdom that you need to love yourself more.

“Is that it? Is that all that is going to be said?” you wonder. Most often, yes! Everyone tells you to love yourself more. Some go further to tell you to love others, also. Very few actually tell you how to do it. How do you love? What are the specific steps?

Now your negative ego comes alive. It jumps in with a very loud, “No! Love should be a mystery.” It says, “Don’t demystify love. If it’s real, it will just happen. You don’t need to learn about love. Just do it!” To ensure that you will not inquire further, it adds, “If you have to learn to love, you’ll ruin it. If you have to learn to love, something is wrong with you.”

You swallow hard. Sheepishly, you read on in the book pretending you need to love yourself more is something you never really knew before. “How profound,’ you lie to yourself.

The truth: You knew you needed to love yourself more. That’s why you started reading the book in the first place! You know what you need to do. You do not always know how to do it.

The Sacred Journey does begin with love. Admittedly, it is a cliché. Because you have heard it before, your negative ego can say you are not learning anything new here.

Well, we suppose we could say the Sacred Journey begins with covering your body with mustard and ketchup. That would satisfy your ego – you certainly have not heard that before! That it is untrue is of no consequence to the negative ego. It is new and exciting and something different. “Who cares about the truth?” says the negative ego.

We are not here to entertain your negative ego. We return to the cliché about love. Sometimes a cliché is a cliché be- cause it is an overused phrase. Sometimes it is a cliché because it is a real and understood truth. The truth is a cliché because it is the truth.

The Sacred Journey does begin with love. It begins with self-love and does expand into loving others. The Sacred Journey involves giving love, receiving love, and – for many a new concept – being loved.

Whether you can do it or not, you know what giving and receiving love are about. Being loved is opening yourself up and allowing yourself to change – to really change – because someone loves you. “I am changing because they love me.” The “they” can be anyone.

It is most magical and mystical when that “they” is your own Higher Self. “I am changing … I am changing because my Higher Self loves me.’ You really need no other motivation.

‘You already know why it is important to love. But why is love important in your relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is? The obvious: If you do not love yourself, you will not be willing to let yourself be loved by anyone, especially by All That Is. Without loving others, how can you love the most significant other there is?

The not-so-obvious: Love is an emotion and a state of being. It is both a feeling and a level of awareness. Further, it is the only feeling/awareness that transmutes, transforms, and transcends all energy. It is universal. It is the only feeling/awareness that transmutes, transforms, and transcends every level of consciousness. Love is the only ‘line of communication” that reaches all the way to God/Goddess/All That Is.


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