What is life?
Scientists refer to all living organisms in our planet as life, Christians refer to life as a true gift from God “the supreme being who created and rules everything” , they believe for life to start and for it to end it is solely in the intention and mercy from God. John Lennon defines life as what happens to you while you are busy making other plans, this condones the opinion that as human beings we claim to live our lives even though it is uncertain to what extent is that true. This is explained by our belief in living life by our different and unique actions and or experiences. To what extent is this true? Are we in control as much as we believe ourselves to be? Do we really live life or life just happens to us? The following passage attempts to unpack and answer the above questions while outlining the value of our lives as people.

We often mistake our ability to initiate processes or what happens to us as our proof of control over our lives, e.g. like having sex to initiate pregnancy and create new life, causing conflicts to initiate violence which then leads to harm or even death, going to school which leads to being literate and thus living better in the future, creating medications which lead to healing and victory over diseases or infections and enable us an extended period of life etc. This should not be confused with us being in control because; even though we have sex not all of us initiate pregnancy, even though some do, it is a fact that not all of us do long enough to yield new life, even though we cause violence and attempt to end each other’s lives, it is still by chance that we do, most of the time we fail. People still die when their time has come, we still go through schooling but not all of us end up educated or living better in the future. If so can we really say we are in control?

To the wealthy life means working to have more, to the poor life means working to survive. In a general point of  view what is the value of life? Why does it hurt so much to us when it ends for people close to us? I would say the true value for life is that it ends and we have no idea how, why and when will it end. The memories we make with one another, be it childhood memories since kindergarten as brothers or sisters or just friends, our schooling, the first crush, the first kiss, matriculation, graduation, adulthood, marriage and so on. All these memories hold little value or no power at all, they are just flashes of past fun and hardships until life ends for one of us. This is when they often become powerful enough to drop tears from our faces. This justifies the fact that the value of life is in the fact that it ends and there is nothing we can do to change that. The important thing is what do we learn from those we love that have already passed on? What do we learn from their lives? Did we learn to appreciate our loved ones that we still have more than we did before because of the feeling that we should have loved those that passed on more?

If you love somebody, love him or her well even though you are blind from the true value of their lives in yours as it is always clear when they have left, for as long as you have somebody be it a friend, lover, family etc. It is imparative that you love them well and know that life ends sooner or later. This therefore also implies that even though we may not be in control we have nothing to fear or try and run from. We are like cattle, cattle have no idea nor control over what happens after they get set free from the kraal everyday but they sure do their part walking with their heads held high facing forward and never ever going backwards, they do what they have to do when they have to without minding or worrying about what they do not know.

Just like cattle we are not in control we do not know what each day brings for us but we hope, we do not live life, life happens around us, to us and with us. Why is it that we cannot do what we have to when we have to and enjoy life to the best of our abilities? We often worry about when it will and how it might end and what people would think if it ever ended? Why do we have to fear and worry about what we cannot change? Wouldn’t it be better if we took more chances, made more mistakes and learn from them, experience the world more, trusted more, believed in ourselves and others more and make as many memories with one another for as long as we possibly can while we are all still breathing?

Life will end for all of us someday but while we still here, what better way is there to enjoy life and each other? What better way is there to experience life?

What is Life? Life is whatever you make yours out to be.

Mine is just one giant adventure and no matter what hardships come my way, that’s what makes the adventure adventures I Am Going to Enjoy Mine and let nothing and no one take that away from me.

A Post By : Mkhize SN…


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