Young Men’s Guild History

YMG was founded by G. Baqwa at Elukholweni circuit at Ethembeni society. Superintendent minister was Charles Pamla, one of first three blacks to be Methodist ministers in 1867 Mzimkhulu district. Rev. Gideon Baqwa collected men for prayer. They called this “Imbumba”. Name came from the concept first pronounced by the Prophet Ntsikana kaGaba, that black people will need to organize themselves against European domination. Emerged during the time of DDT Jabavu when he formed the first organization to represent the aspirations of black people Imbumba yamanyama. To maintain the status of African men as leaders at home, church and society. A safe space for African men faced with European onslaught on their culture. A place of catharsis for the African men who were depressed by the socio-economic and political conditions that were against them. To bring unity amongst African men some of who were divided by tribal wars, religion and politics. To evangelize and preach the good news to all the African people. To escape the trappings of ignorance, illiteracy etc. To seek opportunities that came with the whites man’s religion and way of life.
Aims and objectives:- To achieve a position of social status in society, where people could only achieve this through the clan name they held or the blood that ran through their veins.
– The Christian religion promised all men success and dignity, no matter whom they were and where they came from.
– To mobilize Christians men to fight for the liberation of themselves and their country against oppression.

The general mandate of the Young Men’s Guild is to: Promote loyalty to the teaching of Jesus Christ, habits of prayer, Bible study, purity of life and general acceptance family values;
– Encourage members to serve better the Kingdom of God here on earth;
– Promote abstinence from all evil such as, but not limited to, the usage of intoxicating liquor and drugs, gambling, swearing and the desecration of the Lod’s day;
– Develop its members evangelically, devotionally, educationally and socio- economically.


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