I.                    CONVERSION – the word comes from Latin word meaning “to turn around”.

  • Definition – It is conscious change / new birth where one becomes shameful of his/her sins and removal “self” as controlling force in his/her life.
  • Types of Conversion:-

à         Conversion of faith / religion – Paul’s conversion from being an “advanced Jew” to Christianity (Gal 1:13);

à         Conversion from Islam / Hindu to Christianity.

à         Conversion within Christianity (Acts 9:1-19)

How does conversion happen -> usually process or can be student/dramatic.


The process is guided by the Holy Spirit.

  • Elements in Conversion:

a)              Repentance – be shameful of your sins.

Look to the future of change with new hope, being directed by the Holy Spirit

b)             Being born again – regeneration (John 3:3).  This is not just re-patching of the old life but the radical “new creation”.  Being religious alone is not enough.

c)              Ongoing process – this conscious change has beginnings, conversion process and growing stage.  One rises to a new level of understanding about Christ, converts to church and the world.

  • Place yourself in the conversion process line and meditate on the following:

                                 i.            Think about turning points in your journey to faith.

                               ii.            Progress made so far.

                              iii.            People with significant influence on you.

                             iv.            New areas of commitment required from you.


  1. II.                  SALVATION BY FAITH
    1. What is Faith – beliefs in facts about God i.e. hope on what is not seen and eternal.
    2. Faith means committing our lives into Him daily and for the rest of our lives.
    3. Salvation by faith is demonstrated in Ephesians 2:1-10.

This passage teaches us that: – * Salvation by faith is through God’s grace.

                                                                         * Salvation is a Gift from God created for us in                                                                         advance.

                                                                                                     * Salvation not by own work.

  1. Faith by salvation depends on:

                                i.            Jesus Christ who died for us in the cross and His resurrection.

                               ii.            His faithfulness in his promises.

                             iii.            “Coming to him” or “opening the door” (Rev, 3:20).

  1. Can we earn salvation on our own? NO.

–       Our sins prevents us obeying God’s laws in our own strengths

–       The work Jesus Christ did for us on the cross is perfect.

  1. The reader in referred to the following scriptures: Ezek 37:3 and Matthew 9:28.


Exercise for the class:-

* Think of the examples from everyday life in which faith is involved.

* Prayer for Faith



  1. III.                NEW LIFE


  1. A.                 New life in Christ is the external life
  • Old life – life lived in rebellion against God, leads to death and separation from God.
  • New life brings with it:         * new peace

* New purpose

* New joy

* New vision

* New hope

  • It is a life of righteousness and obedience to the Laws of God.
  1. B.                  How do you get it?  Through Holy Spirit

The learner is referred t the following passages: John 6:25-40; 60-63.

  1. C.                  The Character of Christian living (Colossians 3:5-11):

* Obedience to the Lord’s Laws.                            

* Set your mind on heavenly goals not on earthly things.

* Forget uncleanliness / evil desire / passion, etc

* Do not segregate e.g. Jews / Rich / Circumcised.

* Be holy, merciful, kind, humble and long suffering.

* Stop anger / wrath, malice, filthy language.

* Respect, Love.

* Witnessing, worship and growth.


* Let the word of Christ dwell in you i.e. teach and discuss with others, sing hymns / psalms.

  1. D.                 Meditation         * what main things that need to change in your life?

* What prevents change in your life?



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